DNS Lookup - View DNS Records

DNS stands for Domain Name System and its a translation table for IP addresses into a readable domain name. There are various types of DNS records making it possible for the machines to understand what exactly the DNS record represents. Basically, it's a road sign that both tells you the address/direction and what its for. For example, when you see the sign for the highway, it shows the direction and what you can expect in the other end, a highway or a mail server...

The DNS-Types - Most common type is the A-Pointer, also referred to as Host address and used to point towards where a website can be found.

These are the most common types of records

  • A - Host address, often used to point towards a websites IPv4 address
  • AAAA - Host address, often used to point towards a websites IPv6 address
  • CNAME - Canonical Name, An alias, often used as a link towards the A records
  • MX - Mail exchange, used to point towards one email server
  • NS - Authoritative name server, specifies the master DNS server responsible.
  • PTR - Domain name pointer, similar to CName but reversed, connects the IP to a domain
  • SOA - Start of authority, marks the start of a new zone
  • SRV - Service records, similar to MX but more generic and can be used for other services
  • TXT - Text strings, often used to add comments about the DNS and also validating ownership / control of domain.