About ViewDNS.Com - Network Tools

ViewDNS.Com was first registerd in November 2013 and remained dormant until spring 2019.

Welcome to ViewDNS, a network and IP site! We offer you the complete package: DNS Lookups, Reverse IP Lookup, Website health checks, Ping, Traceroute and many more tools. With our fast servers and the state of the art hardware we are able to query DNS servers and hosting servers over thousand times per second.

Our ambition is to offer functional and simplistic tools that you will enjoy using, making you happy to revisit us.

Our team has worked with various types of homepage related projects since the late 90's. What that means for you is that we know a lot about the technical side of a hosting and domain business, and that we also have a wide experience with website owners and website visitors.

Our goal is to understand and provide you with the tools you're looking for.

WebFinance Digital i Sverige AB
Organisationsnumber 559162-0900.

Feel free to contact us here.